Springing Into Florals and Pastels

Blossoming trees, chirping birds, and sunny skies… it’s officially beginning to feel like spring. If you’re like me, you’ve already banished your heavy sweaters and obnoxiously puffy jackets to the back of your closet and are ready to fully embrace the florals, laces, and pastels of the season. Keep reading to see some of the ways that I embrace the flowery and feminine feel of spring.

Put your best foot forward this season by breaking out the strappy sandals and open toed wedges. Pulling out your open toed shoes gives you a good excuse to go get a pedicure as well. Can’t walk around lookin’ like somethin’ out of Shrek… Put some paint on those little piggies!

What is a pair of open toed sandals without a cute spring dress to match?! Floral patterned dresses are a must have for the season! This time of year they are not at all difficult to find. If you are lacking in flower power, Loft has some adorable new dresses out for this season that you can check IMG_2151out here. After scoping out the new arrivals on their website I’m ready for a spring inspired shopping spree! Another must have for this season are off the shoulder tops. For me personally, anything flowy wins!

Spring is a great opportunity to mess around with pastel shadows, eyeliners, and lipsticks. While pastels are beautiful in their simplicity, there are a few ways to spice it up. If I were to do a pinky orange shadow and felt it needed a little extra somethin’, adding a silver, glitter eyeliner would solve the crisis in a jiffy. While I don’t typically wear bright colors on my face, during springtime I can sometimes get away with a light blue or yellow shadow.

Spring is such a beautiful season full of growth and new beginnings. New colors and smells, beautiful weather, and creatures come out during this time.  I am a senior in high school graduating in May, and am currently getting ready to begin a whole new life. I encourage you all to enjoy each season you are in. Get up every morning, style your hair, do your makeup, and tell yourself you look beautiful. Enjoy each chapter of your life and don’t hesitate to seize each day…and look fabulous while you do it.

Hope you will share with me how you transition into spring styles! I would love to see your latest spring fashion and beauty steals. Thanks for reading!

Live beautiful,
XOXO Laurel Alane

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