How to be Lookin’ Fine on the Day of Love

Ladies the love month is upon us! Now I am well aware that this is a controversial holiday. For some, when they think of Valentine’s Day they have a vision of chocolates and snuggling with the boo. Whereas others such as myself watch all the happy couples and adopt the motto “fries before guys” for the day. Regardless of your relationship status on Valentine’s Day, there ain’t no rule sayin’ you can’t look cute. If you aren’t in a relationship, all the more reason to slay the day!

For Valentine’s Day, most wear red and pinky colors to go with the scheme of the holiday. I don’t know about you all, but I will take any and every opportunity to rock some of my fave lipstick from Este Lauder in the shade “True Red”. A cute red top and white jeans with a pair of wedges would be my ideal Valentine’s outfit. For this occasion, what we DO NOT want is a bunch of heavy, dark makeup. Light and elegant is the idea. So for me that generally means a white and pink shadow from my Tarte in Bloom palette with a brown liner. Although this is a simple look, the red lipstick really brightens it up and ties it all together. If you are feeling a little extra, go ahead and add a little sparkle to either your lids or the inner corners of your eyes. For a little sparkle I typically use my Photo Ready Eye Art liner/lid glitter from Revlon.  Hair wise, you want something soft and elegant. My go to look is a half up, half down loose curly look. You will get the best results by curling your hair with a flat iron. This works with both long and short hairstyles.

I hope these ideas help you to look and feel absolutely adorable on Valentines.  Even if you don’t have a boyfriend to love on for the occasion, love yourselves and those who make life a little easier. You are worth just as much as an individual as you are when you’re with someone else. Valentine’s Day is a day to celebrate love in general, let’s not limit the love to one person in our lives. Have a wonderful Valentine’s day my lovely ladies.

Thanks for reading! Until next time.

Live Beautiful XOXO,

Laurel Alane

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