Long-lasting Lipstick

Do you ever get tired of putting on expensive lip product, just to go out and rub it all off? Well yeah… same. What if I told you there were methods to keeping it on? I have a few little tricks to keeping your lip product on for as long as up to all day. If you feel like you are wasting your money on products that look great, but don’t seem to last, these tips are just for you!

Tip #1: This tip has been a total lifesaver when wearing a lipstick that has a more soft and creamy texture. Once you apply your lip product, put a tissue on your lips and gently pat either a general face powder or translucent powder over the tissue. What this does is sets and creates a matte finish on the lipstick.

Tip #2: When I thought this tip through, it honestly seemed like a no brainer. We prime every other part of our faces, so why not prime your lips as well?! Simply using a lip primer before applying any lip product can make your color last longer.

Tip #3: This is a simple but more expensive fix to the issue at hand. Instead of buying the same products that don’t always work, invest in a lip stain. I can honestly say that these work a lot better than a typical lipstick. If you want to try a product of this type, I recommend Stila brand, they rock.

Tip #4: This one is less trick, more tip. Filling in your lips with liner can make a big difference. The liner sort of acts as a base for the lipstick, so that even if the lipstick rubs off, there is a backup layer of product to keep the color.

Tip #5: This last tip is something you should actually be doing daily. Before you put any colored lip product on, it never hurts to hit your lips with a little bit of lip balm. This makes your lips a nice, soft surface to smooth the product onto. When your lips are dry and then you put more product on top of it, it is ultimately going to dry your lips out more.

If you try any of these tips out, I would love to hear your feedback on how they worked out for you! Feel free to contact me through my social media or leave a comment on this page. Thank so much for reading!

Until next time XOXO,

Laurel Alane

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