Fall Statements and Styles


Different people see varying aspects of seasons depending on their preferences. For example, when some people think of summer, they think of lounging by the pool, getting a nice tan, and drinking ice cold lemonade. Whereas when others envision Summer, they think sunburn, sweat, and mosquitos. The same can be said about the other seasons for various people. While you are 100% entitled to your opinions and feelings, if you don’t like fall, we simply cannot be friends. Not really, but like how could you not like fall? Fall to me is warm sweaters, cozying up by the fire, and pumpkin spice lattes; there is no way I’d rather spend such a beautiful season.

Fall Colors

Now that my favorite time of year has rolled around, it’s time to break out my deeper colors, thicker and softer fabrics, and long sleeve tops to keep me nice and cozy in the cooler weather! Some of the most common and basic fall colors are red, orange, mustard, and brown tones. But my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE color to wear in the fall is maroon. Maroon and brown are my go-to colors for fall and I honestly don’t think that is ever going to change. But it’s always fun to look for popular trends to try out. To feel out what the season’s color trends are going to be, I like to check what the Pantone colors of the season are in order to utilize Pantone as my personal color guide. Some of my personal favorite Pantone Fall shades for 2016 are Warm Taupe, Dusty Cedar, and Potter’s Clay. These colors are tones that I would wear in my everyday fall hair, makeup, and clothing.

Fall Styles

Knee High Boots

Some styles you certainly wouldn’t want to forget about during the fall season include long sleeve tees with skinny jeans paired with a scarf and knee high boots, thick leggings with long tees put with a cozy coat and knee high boots, and then the occasional short dress with tights and knee high boots. Why do all of these outfits include knee high boots you may ask? Because it’s not fall without knee high boots!!! Seriously though, if you don’t own a pair of knee high boots: I highly suggest that you invest in a pair. You’ll wear them all the time, they’ll keep your feet warm, and you can wear the ugliest, most comfortable pair of fuzzy socks you own underneath them and no one even has to know.

Booties and Bell Sleeves

While these basic fall outfits are great, it’s always fun to play with your style a little bit. This year, bell sleeved tops are the latest fall trend that you don’t want to overlook. I personally love the look of the flared sleeves and normally pair it with some skinnies and my favorite taupe half booties or flats, then spice it up with some cute jewelry.

Neutrals With a Pop

Another trend that I adore is putting together solid tops with patterned shoes! I tend to like to pair neutral tones with other neutral tones. So for example, a white top with a nude sweater over it, black skinny jeans, and a pair of cheetah print shoes. If you want venture out and find more fall styles that are more for you, I totally encourage you to do that.

Thanks so much for reading! Until next time.

Live Beautiful XOXO,

Laurel Alane

One thought on “Fall Statements and Styles

  1. Carolyn Hansen says:

    I love fall! One reason is all the sweaters, comfy warm clothes and treats, the cooler weather. Annoyingly here in south western new mexico fall means 80 degrees most of the time. Which is too warm for all the cutesy fall stuff.


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