Laurel Alane


Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Laurel and I just want to start off by sharing with you a little bit about me and my purpose in starting a blog. I am  creative, quirky, and especially passionate about music, writing, and caffeine… can I get an AMEN?! I love to do just about anything that is considered a creative art. While I could have chosen to blog about anything in that general realm, I decided to write about beauty. I do in fact consider any form of beauty an art. The reason I love hair and makeup is not because I feel any sort of need to cover myself up, and neither should you. I enjoy it because it is simply a form of art… just on your face. I love that different cosmetics and styles can be used to enhance your naturally beautiful features and give you a different look or feel. My goal in starting this blog is to encourage, inspire, and uplift those who read it. Although you may have heard it before, you are beautiful despite your own perception of yourself. After all, beauty is found in the cultivation of accepting your true self.


Live beautiful XOXO,

Laurel Alane


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